Utkarsh Goel
I am an architect in Akamai’s Web Performance business unit who likes to build foundational technologies to improve the current state of web performance. I am also a member of Akamai’s Foundry, the cutting-edge arm for applied R&D that believes in the “fail fast, succeed faster” philosophy and focuses on exploring new technology opportunities to improve all forms of Internet performance.

Through years of research experience in the field, I have understanding of protocols running on the layers 3-7 of the Internet ecosystem. Over the years, I have made several scientific contributions that offer attractive performance enhancements to challenged Internet services. In 2017, I earned my doctorate in Computer Science from Montana State University - Bozeman.

If you'd like to collaborate on ideas that help understand today's web better or have the potential to make the web faster, safer, bigger, or enjoyable, feel free to reach out. I always reply to emails.